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7 Things You Don’t Want to Forget To Pack on Your Honeymoon!

Honeymoon packing can be stressful…especially if we are going to a destination we’ve never experienced before!

We all can guess the essentials like: swimsuits, lingerie and evening wear…but what about those little extras that will make your honeymoon be even more memorable?

Here is a list of 7 things you might want to bring while you and your soulmate enjoy some time away.

7 Things You Don’t Want to Forget To Pack on Your Honeymoon!

1. Your Favorite Snacks

We all have our favorite comfort foods. Why not bring a small stash of fun snacks along in your luggage, especially if you are traveling overseas where you might not find them!

While we want to explore new surroundings and try new dishes while on our honeymoon, sometimes we just want a night in at the hotel with something familiar.

2. A Deck of Cards

Speaking of those nights that you just want to veg at the hotel after a day of sight-seeing, many couples might find themselves glued to the TV or their mobile devices.

While watching TV or  checking into what’s going on with the rest of the world online is totally fine while on your honeymoon, if you find yourself wanting to avoid these things taking a deck of cards is an easy way to develop a closer relationship while still chilling out in the comfort of your hotel room.

If you don’t like cards, Bananagrams is also a travel-friendly game.

3. A Blank Journal

There are few times in life where the sole focus of a relationship will be on each other. Jobs, kids and general needs easily creep after the honeymoon is over.

Take this time to document:

  • how you met
  • how he proposed
  • describing the wedding
  • how you spent your time on the honeymoon
  • your hopes for the future
  • special moments as a newly married couple
  • anything else you want

You might never write in it after the honeymoon and that’s okay, but it’ll be a fun way to remember those first moments together.

4. A Set of 10 Blank Note Cards

Get your favorite cocktail (or mocktail), find a nice spot with your spouse, and grab two pens. And get ready.

Both of you get five cards to write a short note to each other to give on each of the next 5 anniversaries you share.

In it you can guess where you will be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years from now. You can remind them how you felt while on your honeymoon.

There are no rules to what you can write.

If you want, read them to each other…I promise you will most likely forget what they say AND be reading them with fresh eyes on those special days to come!

5. A Marriage Book

We all know that every marriage has its ups and downs. Why not tip the scales in your favor by reading up on how to do it better?

Love & Respect is a good book for faith-based couples, while The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work is a research-based approach.

Read it aloud and talk through each chapter.

This might even be a great way to use the pages of the blank journal mentioned in #3.

6. A List of Questions

Whether you’ve know each other for 12 months or 12 years, you can always get to know a person better.

Printing out a list of questions (or saving it to an app on your phone) to ask each other during dinner or before bed can be a great way to really understand each other better.

Here is a great list of  1831 Questions to Ask Your Partner.

7. A Surprise Gift

Is there someone your spouse has always wanted?

Big or small, a surprise gift is great way to make those honeymoon days even more special.

Do you want more?

Check out our blog on Five Books to Take on Your Honeymoon!

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