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5 Things A New Husband Can Do For His Wife On Their Honeymoon

Even though the wedding day romance is over doesn’t mean that it has to stop there! Husband can keep those wedding day bells ringing all during the honeymoon.

5 Things A New Husband Can Do For His Wife On Their Honeymoon

1. Spontaneously Ask Her to Dance

Dancing isn’t everyone’s “thing,” but it sure makes a good honeymoon story!

So, first, determine what kind of couple you are.

If you are the shy, quiet types: ask her to dance in the privacy of your hotel room or on a deserted beach.

If you are the outgoing type: ask her to dance in the middle of a crowded square or restaurant.

2. Write Her a Poem

This isn’t as hard as it sounds. It doesn’t even have to include paper (thought it’s great if it does).

If you are a writer, express your love for her in prose and fold it up for her to find on her pillow.

If you aren’t, compose a silly rhyme on a hotel napkin or on the foggy bathroom mirror!

3. Buy Something Unexpected

At some point on your honeymoon, you’ll probably be shopping, right?

Make a point to listen to what she “oohs” and “ahhs” over…and buy it without her knowing.

Then give it to her later…at the exact right moment.

4. Say Her Name

Names are very special. Did you know that in the Bible God would literally change the name of someone in order for their destiny to match up with it?

Find out the meaning of your new wife’s name if you can, then call her by it. (There usually is always a positive meaning of a name if you search for it).

Saying your new wife’s name and it’s meaning often will remind her of her own worth and destiny.

5. Tell Her About the Future

Take both of your wife’s hands. Tell her to close her eyes and to listen.

I’m not talking fortune telling here!

Tell your new wife where you see yourself with her in two-years, five-years or ten-years.

Don’t let her say anything. Just make her listen. Dream big and talk sweet.


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